Welcome to the front page of my website!! At the moment, there's not too much to expect here :/

I spent so long making this page but it's not really doing it for me anymore. I love looking at all the other sites on here and seeing everyone make their sites so personal and fun. I guess it's just so overwhelming trying to fill a blank slate, i still have no clue what i'd like to put here. Hopefully my journey with this site helps me to get to know myself better!!

(05/04/2024) hellooo i haven't updated this in so long because it's the type of thing where i lock myself in my room & do the whole thing nonstop in under a week. but!!! i finish college in like 3 weeks so soon i will have all the time in the world.


  • start making an about page
  • make a theme for each page on the site
  • put the navbar on the left
  • add landing page
  • add actual content to my pages
  • talk about how much i love dolls
  • find a nicer font
  • make a changelog